I Love Clean Eating!

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Okay, I tweeted a couple days ago about discovering a new cookbook – The Best of Clean Eating.  I LOVE this book!  It fits my philosophy on food perfectly – that the best way to eat healthy is to not to eliminate or over-indulge on specific food groups, but to eat a wide variety of whole, fresh, organic foods.  The Best of Clean Eating has recipes that are full of heart-healthy, colorful, nutrient-dense foods.

I’ve tried several recipes from this book and they’ve all been FABULOUS!  My favorites so far have been the Baja Fish Tacos with greek yogurt instead of sour cream, Lemon Artichoke Chicken and the Chicken/Summer Vegetable Cacciatore.  And the desserts – YUM!  In spite of what the commercial says, all sugars are NOT created equal.  The recipes in this book use less-processed sugars and smaller amounts of them, yet the flavors satisfy the sweet tooth completely.

Do yourself a favor and start using this book.  If you’ve ever struggled with what it actually means to eat healthy, this would be a good place to start.

The ISBN is: 978-1-55210-085-1.  List price is $22.95 but I found it on Amazon for much less.  They also have a magazine and you can check out some of their recipes online at www.cleaneatingmag.com.

Bon Appetite!

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